Hooked On Phonics lesson 101: How to pronounce the word SHRIMP correctly.

Tonight’s dinner: Shrimp Scampi and Linguini. As always, I think a lot when I eat. As I took a bite, I thought about this…
Growing up in a rural and very country town, I encountered many people that could not properly pronounce the word SHRIMP. Even today at 26 years old, I still hear it. I know some words in the standard English vocabulary may be a little hard to pronounce, but not SHRIMP. I have heard people say SKRIMP, STRIMP, STRIP, STRAMP…just to name a few. It makes me itch to hear a person mispronounce such an easy word. Another one that a lot of people do is putting a S on the end of the word making it a double plural…SHRIMPS. NO. The word is already plural, so no S’s. That is almost as worse as saying MINES instead of MINE. The sad part about this is that people choose when to pronounce the word incorrectly; especially when ordering at a restaurant or a seafood market. “I’ll take the SKRIMP platter” or “May I have a pound of tiger STRIPS?” Please be aware that neither the server or the person at the seafood counter will know what you are talking about. Also, the server will take your order back to the kitchen and tell the expediter what you ordered EXACTLY how you said it and he will run it by the cooks on the line. They will either be confused or they will laugh at you causing you to be the laughing stock of the back of the house. Ive seen it happen. So please, if you love to indulge in the tasteful goodness of shrimp, try to pronounce it correctly. 🙂


One thought on “Hooked On Phonics lesson 101: How to pronounce the word SHRIMP correctly.

  1. Wendy

    GIRL!! I’m sittin here enjoying reading ur blog….then I get to THIS.. & I’m DYIN’ laffin cuz u r SOOOO right! WHY do people pronounce it like that?? Anywayz….I keep meaning to ask when u make pizza at work, how is the crust made? Scratch or off the shelf?? Keep up the good work, maybe I’ll c ya tomorrow!!


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