Stir Frying

A stir fry is exactly what it sounds like. It is cooking technique that uses a cooking vessel called a wok, most of the time on high heat. I used an electric wok yesterday, but I was trained on a gas wok when I was in culinary school. It was a sloped bowl over a flame. The flame was controlled by a rod at the bottom. While using your hands to cook, your knee is used to move the rod either to the left or right to control the heat temperature. It takes a while to get the hang of, but it was fun. You stir the food in the bowl with 2 utensils: the cow and the chow. One is sort of like a spoon; the other like a spatula. Usually if you are using a wok at home you would just use a metal spatula. If some one out there knows where to buy a cow and chow email me! Cooking in a wok is usually super fast due to the temp of the heat, so special attention needs to be paid to in sure that nothing burns. If you do not own a wok, no sweat, a skillet will work just the same.

Any protein, vegetables, rice, or noodles can be used in stir frys. The possible combinations of ingredients that can be used are endless. For the daycare kids I used chicken and tofu (one of the kids is vegan). This recipe is going to have shrimp.


sesame oil (a few tablespoons to start and then some more to have on hand)
garlic, minced
2oz carrots, julienne
1/2lb of 21/30 sized shrimp (or whatever size you like), peeled and deveined
ginger, chopped (or granulated ginger)
pinch of kosher salt and white pepper
2oz onion, julienne
2oz red bell pepper, julienne

2oz snow peas
2oz of any other vegetables that you might like
4oz of vegetable broth2oz of soy sauce
1Tsp of cornstarch in a bowl with cool water (until it matches the consistency of  heavy cream)
a can of water chestnuts
a can of mung beans (aka bean sprouts)
cooked rice, lo mein noodles, rice noodles, soba noodles

1. Heat wok or saute pan on medium high heat for 30 secs
2. Add in oil, swirl around with spatula
3. Add in the garlic, cook until soft not burning it. Then add in onion.
4. Add in the shrimp, ginger, kosher salt, and pepper. Stir
5. Add the rest of the vegetables and saute until everything is cooked thoroughly.
6. Pour in broth and soy sauce. Bring to a boil. Add in cornstarch/water mixture stir. Cook until the sauce becomes thick.
7. Add in water chestnuts and mung beans. Stir.
8. Pour over cooked rice or noodles.


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