Valentines Day Small plate idea!

Here is dinner from yesterday:

Warm cilantro and lime shrimp salad with a corn and black bean salsa topped with a spicy shrimp gravy.

I took some raw large shrimp** and tossed them with fresh cilantro, lime juice and zest, olive oil, chopped garlic, and kosher salt then roasted them in the oven on 375 for 14 minutes.

**i took the reserved shells of the shrimp and made shrimp stock which I made a shrimp gravy for the salad.



After the shrimp was done, I sautéed one bag of frozen corn, 1 can of diced tomatoes, and one can of black beans with Goya Sazon seasoning tossing in some fresh cilantro at the end.

To plate: I swirled some of the spicy shrimp gravy in the plate. Then I added
A small handful of mixed greens down on the plate. Topped it with a couple spoonfuls if the salsa and about 8-10 shrimp. More of the shrimp gravy can go on top if desired. Sprinkle a few crushed red pepper flakes on top for garnish.


For dessert I found a recipe on Pinterest for lemon bars made with lemon pie filling and a box of angel food cake mix. I couldn’t find lemon pie mix, but came across lemon curd tart filling. I added those ingredients together with a little vanilla extract.


Found a cute Wilton heart shaped cookie cutter instead of the usual squares and dusted on some powered sugar!

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Happy cooking!
-Chef Dom



Lemon Dill Carrots

Delicious side dish!

Carrots are steamed for 6 minutes then cooled down. Sauté with tsp of unsalted butter, 2tbp of lemon zest, juice of a half of lemon, 2tbp of chopped fresh dill, and a sprinkle of kosher salt.