Skinny Jambalaya 

I started making jambalaya when I was in college. Back in the days when I was clueless to the 2:1 ratio of rice to water and flavor profiles. What I made was edible and my friends would constantly request that I make it over and over again. 

For some reason I was reminiscing about my old recipe and decided to revamp it into something better, less calories, and lower sodium. I swapped the pork for a nitrate free chicken sausage and used my homemade Cajun seasoning instead of purchasing one from the store. 

I posted a pic on IG the same day that I cooked it and was asked to post the recipe to my blog, soooo here it is!

Skinny Jambalaya (serves 6-8 as an entree, 10 as a side)

1 small onion, small dice
1 med green pepper, small dice

3 stalks of celery, small dice

2 nitrate free chicken sausage links (I used Adelis brand which is delicious and available at most popular grocery stores)

3 large chicken breast, medium cubed

2 tbsp canola oil

3 tbsp Cajun seasoning (recipe follows)

1 1/2 cup brown rice

28 oz can of petite diced tomatoes

2 cups chicken stock 

Cajun seasoning 
3 tbsp cayenne pepper

3 tbsp kosher salt

2tsp black pepper

1tbsp oregano

1tbsp thyme 

1tbsp basil

1tbsp granulated garlic 

1 tbsp allspice 

1 tbsp granulated onion 

1 tsp paprika 

1. Heat oil in a Dutch oven size pot on medium heat until hot.
2. Add in onion, green pepper, celery, sausage, chicken breast, and sausage with the Cajun seasoning to the pot. Sauté until vegetables are soft and chicken has turned white (about 15 minutes)

3. Add in rice to pot and stir to coat with chicken and vegetables.

4. Add in tomatoes along with juice and chicken stock. Stir.

5. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat. Simmer for about 30 minutes until most of all the excess liquid has evaporated and rice is soft, but not mushy. 

6. Remove from heat and allow it to sit on the stove for 10 minutes so that any remaining residual liquid has evaporated. Fluff with a fork and serve. Garnish with fresh cilantro and lime wedges. 

As always, if you choose to repost or use this recipe for your personal site/blog…please credit me on your page! Thanks!

Chef Dominique H. Lipscomb ’15


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