Friday night gym session 

Happy Friday!!

I look forward to Fridays for 3 reasons:

1. It’s the end of the work week.

2. I get to sleep in (anything past 4am is sleeping in for me lol)

3. The gym is EMPTY.

Apparently no one likes to go to the gym on Fridays which is awesome for me. The WiFi is fully functioning since there is only a handful of people using it. Most importantly, there is lots of space And opportunity to workout. Better focus. I can concentrate on my session instead of worrying about someone trying to take my bench or free weights.

After the gym dinner consisted of a massive salad:

Romaine, spring mix, mushroom, whole boiled eggs, pico de gallo, chick peas, green onion, black olive, green olive, feta cheese, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed. Pretty damn delicious and filling. I am 100 percent until the morn. 

I have been trying to eat well before 8pm, so that my food digests before I go to sleep. The key is to eat 2-3hrs prior to sleeping. During the week (since I am well into sleep by 930), we will eat at 6 or 630. Since today is Friday and I was at the gym later, I ate dinner at 730. I have no intentions of going to sleep anytime soon, but I ate a good meal and I am satisfied for the remainder of the night.

Until tomorrow!


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