Half way point of the meatless detox!!

We have approached the halfway point of the 30 Day Detox! 

Despite what people may believe what immediately occurs when stop eating meat, I have not lost a pound. I have lost inches in my core. Flat tummy and ab definition woot woot!! 

Both my husband and I are very energetic and feeling great. He started feeling like he was coming down with a cold, but it only lasted 2 days. I seriously believe that the quick turn around is due to what we have been eating! 

This past week, I made a rice noodle bowl with nori, egg, and a sour vegetable broth that was BOMB! We discovered Quorn brand “chicken” chunks in which I sautéed with some peppers, onions, and Montreal Chicken Seasoning. It definitely requires thought, time, and prep for meal time, but it has been worth it.

We received a text message of encouragement today from my cousin. She says that we are inspiring! I also have  a few people at work going meatless for 30days (lasting until Thankgiving). They saw what I have been doing and I have been educating them on good, wholesome nutrition. We hope that others will want to change their lifestyles to better their health!

Quorn “chicken” chunks with sautéed veg, steamed broccoli, and corn in the cob.

Bomb impromptu rice noodle bowl with nori, egg, and a sour vegetable broth.